Guidance Notes: Search Register

Guidance Notes: Search Register

The Isle of Man Aircraft Register is displayed in real-time through our online services portal. The data displayed reflects an aircraft record as it appears in our system at the point in time of your search.  The time (in UTC) and date at which the data is current is shown at the top of the results screen when a search is run, and at the top of an individual aircraft record when displayed.

To search the Register:

  1. From the menu bar on the home page select SEARCH REGISTER.
  2. Use the available fields to filter your search, using the wild card search options 'Starts With', 'Contains' or 'Equals' if required, and click SEARCH.
  3. OR leave all fields empty and click SEARCH to view the complete register.
  4. Your search results are displayed.
  5. To display additional columns, or remove columns from the displayed results, use the COLUMN SELECTION drop down list on the right hand side of the screen.  Click in the box beside the field to select or deselect.
  6. Click APPLY and your selection will be displayed in the results screen (use CTRL + or – to adjust the size of the view screen).
  7. You may EXPORT your search results into a csv file (N.B. This is essentially a basic excel spreadsheet and can be saved as an .xls or other excel file type should you wish.  The results of your search will be exported).
  8. To export your search results, scroll to the bottom of the screen and on the right hand side of the page you will see a document icon.
  9. Click on the document icon and this will open the csv file.

Alternatively, if you wish to view the record for a specific aircraft:

  1. From the search results, click on the registration mark of the aircraft record you wish to view.
  2. The record will be displayed.
  3. There is an option to download the record as a pdf which may be printed or saved.  The date and time the entry was current at is displayed at the top of the record.

Aircraft Register Glossary of Terms

"Register Number" is the sequential number applied when an aircraft is placed on the register.

"Core Number" is the sequential number applied to the Certificate of Registration for the aircraft.

"Registration Mark" refers to the national registration (M) mark applied to the aircraft.

"Date Registered" is the date on which the aircraft was registered in the Isle of Man.

"Aircraft Manufacturer" is the company identified at the time the aircraft joined the Isle of Man Aircraft Register as being the manufacturer of the aircraft.

"Aircraft Type" is the aircraft type as it appears on the type certificate data sheet.

"Serial Number" is the unique manufacturer's serial number for the aircraft.

"Mode S Number" is the unique hexidecimal code allocated to the aircraft.

"Last Change of Registered Owners Date" is the date, where applicable, that the last change of ownership was brought into effect.

"Registered Owners" is the name and registered address of the party in whose name the aircraft is registered.

"Article" refers to the article of the Air Navigation (Isle of Man) Order under which the aircraft has been registered where it is an exceptional circumstance (e.g. a charterer by demise).

"Previous International Registration" is the last international registration mark applied to the aircraft prior to it being registered in the Isle of Man.

"Previous M Registration" is the registration mark(s) previously applied to the Aircraft whilst on the Isle of Man Aircraft Register, where applicable.

"Last change of Registration Marks" is the date at which the last change of M registration marks was recorded for the aircraft, if applicable.

"Deregistered Date" is the date, where applicable, that the aircraft was removed from the Isle of Man Aircraft Register.

"New State of Registry" is the register to which the aircraft was deregistered, where applicable.

"Status" indicates whether or not the aircraft is currently registered on the Isle of Man Aircraft Register or has been deregistered to another State of Registry.

Reviewed 17th January 2020